From $2400

A tile backsplash plays a huge role in adding aesthetic value to your space.  Most often installed in a kitchen space, the benefits beyond that aesthetic value are numerous. A tile backsplash will not only protect your walls from moisture and make cleaning a breeze, but will simultaneously increase your home’s value and enhance your kitchen decor.


Floor Tile

Once upon a time floor tile was priced by the square foot.  This was popular when 99% of floor tiles were small squares (either 8” x 8” or 12” x 12”).  Today, there are so many options for floor tile ranging from small mosaics to large format, plank style tile.  We haven’t even discussed the possibility (or necessity) of warming your new tile floor with an integrated electric radiant heat system!  With all these variables today, floor tile is truly priced specifically for your project based on your selections.

For reference, past clients have invested $1,000 to $3200 for various kitchen or bathroom floor projects.

Tub Surround

From $7400

Are you looking for a custom tile shower, but need to keep the functionality of your bathtub? Maybe customizing your bathroom to your taste requires more than a simple acrylic tub surround.  Whatever your reason, a beautiful tiled tub surround can be a work of art in what could otherwise be considered nothing more than a utilitarian space.  Upgrade your space even more with an in-wall niche, accent tile wall, or a specific pattern throughout.



From $10,875

The crowning jewel to any bathroom has got to be your walk-in tiled shower.  Whether utilitarian in nature, or the ultimate luxury steam shower, there’s nothing better than a properly designed and executed tile shower enclosure.  Your imagination is the only limiting factor in what we can create for you when it comes to your shower enclosure.  Looking to add a bench, a soap niche, or a very specific tile design?  Allow us to help you dream up your very own spa-like shower or give us the opportunity to bring your own design to life.

Exterior Tile

Looking to tile an outdoor space?  From glass mosaics in a pool to 2cm porcelain pavers for your patio, outdoor tile in New England has it’s challenges, but can last for years to come when properly installed.  In order to accurately price exterior tile, we’ll need to work closely with you and our industry partners to create a system that’s right for your application.

For reference, past clients have invested $4100 to $63,000 for various exterior projects ranging from walkways to pools.


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